Dr. Brian Cox faces his critics

Satire works best when it’s true.

Piece of Mindful

I had little time for reading on our recent trip to Florida, so am surprised at the volume that I managed to take in at the website Aulis Online.com. It is in regard to the moon landings.

Cox Dr. Brian Cox

It is easy to see that Apollo was a hoax. The means of pulling it off are familiar to us now. The script is written in advance, and much (if not most) of it filmed and acted in advance. Prior to the supposed landings, the film was ‘in the can,’ ready for airing. The event that preceded airing of the pre-written script was, in the matter of the John F. Kennedy assassination, shots fired from a window in Dallas. On 9/11/2001 it was explosions set off in empty buildings.

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A multi-faced universe

Piece of Mindful

See post script below. And fir the recird, Faye and B Muller are two differnet people. I have seen proof, and anyway should not have said that. It’s the Internet. No one is who they claim to be. 

I have received confirmation from Maarten, Tyrone and Steve that they wish to continue to appear on the masthead here, and I am grateful for that as I respect them all. None of them write in such volume as I do, but that’s not a problem, as quality is key, not quantity. I like to keep fresh material coming. Annette is merely going to be removed from the sidebar as she has only one article and no others in the works. She is welcome here and retains all privileges, and she knows this. Kevin has opted out but knows he is welcome here. He is an interesting man, even predictably unpredictable.


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Nazionism Part 2 – Meet the Boss

Piece of Mindful

One of the most iconic, to the present day, participant in the Nazionism Plot was of course the fashion designer for the Nazi uniforms, Hugo Boss.

Born in Metzingen, close to Stuttgart, back then a town of about 5000 people, but already a center of the textile industry. Those of us who have read Miles Mathis’ articles know how wealthy jews dominated that industry for long. And Hugo Boss, not included in his overview of jewish Nazis, was no exception. I looked into Boss just a few weeks before MM released his jewish Nazi paper, now a bit more on him.

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Nazionism Part 1 – Hitler’s Psychic

Piece of Mindful

As a start of the huge Nazionism topic, announced in my audio recording of The Great H Mystery, I would like to highlight a remarkable figure.

In order to fully grasp the theory of Nazionism, it is important to understand how they staged that mystery. Nazionism deals with the why behind that humongous plot that still dominates to this day and most probably will for the next generations to come.

For those interested in this topic, Tyrone McCloskey’s series is a must-read, as is the series by Miles Mathis about Dolfy “Hitler” and his buddies.

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The Great H Mystery

Piece of Mindful

Few plots are so peculiar as the biggest of them all. In terms of scope, people involved, culture creation, social engineering, money scam (only superseded by the AGW – Anthropogenic Global Warming one) and the single one of them covered by (weasel) laws. The Great H Mystery is more controversial than any other, and that means proper language is even more needed with this one.

I have shared the excellent overview article before, but last month finally recorded reading the paper at Hoax Busters Call, together with my fellow truth seeker kelito from Scotland. The article is long, yet concise, for an era about which more textbooks are written than someone can read in a lifetime. What makes this particular paper so great is that it summarizes all poignant points in an academic, scholarly way, assessing all the peculiarities of this plot and above all that it does not go…

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The Self Fulshilling Prophecy

Piece of Mindful

This will be a shorter one compared to the Peculiar Plot series. I can understand people lack the attention span to read long pieces, but at the same time do not want to fall for that “Twitter 140 character soundbite” culture where 6 second attention span seekers with the patience of a ferret on crystal meth seem to rule, up to even people who are accustomed to read long pieces or listen to hours of talks, like people in their 50s and above, half or a full generation older than me.

The idea I want to share is the self fulshilling prophecy. It is one of my many neologisms; I like to invent new words to use because the language given to us is scripted to a large extent. By using our own ability to form language, we are humans after all, we can pinpoint what we mean much…

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Peculiar Plots – The Great Escape

Piece of Mindful

Before I return to the earlier Peculiar Plots, I stumbled upon this story, that deserves being part of the series. Again, the plot is so ridiculously contradictory, that it baffles people actually believe these kinds of plots. The plot holes are so deep and pervasive, the story could just be called a talking Swiss cheese.

The Stalag Luft III allegedly was a prisoner-of-war (POW) camp of Nazi Germany in the extreme east of the Altreich (the borders of Germany pre-WWII), in present-day Poland. It is said there were “10,949” prisoners (unknown if this is a cumulative number or the maximum at one moment) consisting of British RAF and US American USAF and other nationality prisoners. The two compounds of the camp are said to have been guarded by 800 Nazi officers.

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