¡NO al marxismo!

“So you think that money is the root of all evil? […] Have you ever asked what is the root of money?”

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged (1957)

Normally I stay away far from politics, and as a statheist (=state atheist; I don’t believe in the concept of statism) I am principally against participating in the process of voting. But today is quite a special day in Colombia, with the first round of presidential elections happening today.

Elections happen like in e.g. France, with two rounds if a candidate cannot get a >50% result in the first, the most likely scenario from the past. The second round will be on June 17.

For the first time in recent history, a looming threat is on the horizon, and while the country has been receiving more than 1 million (!) refugees from neighboring Venezuela, fleeing the horrors of socialism there, today we have the first marxist candidate for the post of president. Gustavo Petro is a former member of guerilla group M-19, former mayor of the capital Bogotá (known for his scandals, corruption, demotion and subsequent reinstallation and his crazy ideas) and is polled to have one of the “best” chances to survive the first round.

God forbid this scenario will happen, and the world is looking at Colombia with interest. Does the country turn into a hellhole like Venezuela (I’ve been there and it truly is a dangerous and completely crazy place) or does the country stand for the entrepreneurial tradition of hard-working people?

Contrary to earlier views I had, I do think that elections are not completely fake. The amount of preparation, money spent, involvement of people and the ideas outlined in (Don’t) Mind the Logic do point more to an alternative scenario; the higher Elites allow for these 4-year ripple effects to occur on the basis of elections, while still having a bigger, century-long plan in the background. The two are far from mutually exclusive.

Compare the way sports tournaments are fixed, with recently the blatantly corrupted Champions League in Europe, where Juventus was punished in favor of Real Madrid and the two “blunders” in the final yesterday, providing the pijos of Madrid the cup. Yes, overall, those things are staged, scripted. But that doesn’t mean every match is completely controlled until the finest details. Not every pass is pre-programmed and not every injury is faked, while certain key ones (such as yesterday’s by star player Salah of Liverpool) certainly are.

In the same way I see the political arena; an overall control in the back, funding by in many cases the same companies (especially in the binary US elections), but still the element of speculation, playing with us, as psychopaths tend to love.

Fingers crossed for the sanity and safety of the country that the marxist madness will stay away.

UPDATE: the first round ended in about 39% for Ivan Duque but still a staggering 25% for Petro, who came in second, just before Fajardo, who would be considered left-leaning, but by no means a marxist.

One of the ridiculous plans this populist marxist has voiced is that “people with more than 65 m2 of living space should share with poor people”. Ah, is that right, Mr. Petro? How come you own a finca with an estimated value of $1,000,000 (that is US dollars, in Colombian pesos it is $300,000,000,000!, the same symbol is used for both currencies) in Chía then?

It is the typical narrative of the US and European left, with figures as Ben Sanders and the Dutch Marcel van Dam, the rich city boys claiming to stand up for the poor. How different can it be, even in South America? Obviously I don’t support leftism in any way, but if there is one who at least seems true to the principles he spreads, it was José Mujica, former president of Uruguay:

José Mujica


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