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Just a short post, after the long (Don’t) Mind the Logic one.

“A man is a fabulous nuisance in space right now. He’s not worth all the cost of putting him up there and keeping him comfortable and working”

James Van Allen (1959)

Two great videos to check out, share and like:


Jim Carrey, of the great movies The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, speaks truth. In the mainstream media. Good on you, Jim.

and my favorite, the amount of truth this no-nonsense guy is saying is astonishing:

English transcription:

Dirk van Noort, 1981 – People on the Moon, that is impossible:

TV: An old sailor on the river Rhine rather stays down to Earth.

He doesn’t have high hopes of technology.

That all goes beyond him.

DvN: “I don’t have television, no radio I dunno have nothing of that stuff.

TV: You miss a lot not having television, right?

DvN: What do you mean?

Making fish nets,

I cannot watch television and making a [good] fish net at the same time, nooo

TV: Yeah, you don’t see anything on television. There are so many interesting things and you don’t see any of them…

DvN: *making fish nets* That’s what I see, that’s interesting, that’s my hobby…

TV: And television not [a hobby]?

DvN: Noooo

TV: So you haven’t seen either that man walked on the Moon?

DvN: Hahaha and ya believe that??


TV: Don’t you believe people were on the Moon?

DvN: Nooo, noo, noo.

TV: And you believe that??

DvN: That’s impossible. That’s just as realistic as that ya walk over the water here [pointing at the river Rhine].

Do you believe that then?

TV: I saw it on television!! [Oh no, you didn’t do this, TV interviewer, well, let’s see]

DvN: Oaaaah, come on, I’ve seen so many things.

TV: It is broadcast, right?

DvN: But you can just broadcast what you wa….wa…want…?

TV: What’s the joking with you, or you really do not believe it?

DvN: What? Nooo, isn’t possibly true. IMPOSSIBLE

TV: So then, what have I seen?

DvN: A ghost.

TV: Is it tricked?

DvN: Yes

TV: Is it staged?

DvN: Yeah!

TV: Did you ever tell that to others? That you don’t believe people walked on the Moon?

DvN: Yes, for sure

TV: And what do those people say?

DvN: What do they say? They cannot conclude either way either…

If  you say they have been there, and I say no, they haven’t, do we have a draw then?


TV: Yes, that’s true…

DvN: They never will go there…

TV: They never will go there, you think…?

DvN: They will NEVER reach the Moon.EVER.

TV: Why not?

DvN: Because if they would go there..they would freeze.

And they cannot go to the Sun either, because they would burn…

TV: But you also don’t find it useful people go into space…?

DvN: They should stay out of it.

TV: Why?

DvN: They don’t belong there…

The birds they belong in the sky, the people on Earth…

Commentary by the TV show: What a wise man eh? Yes!

Amen, so much farmer’s wisdom, so much truth in such a small and honest clip…

Want to know more?

Here I outline it in detail: The Impossibility of Space Travel – EVER


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